Thursday, August 2, 2007

Active Voice Radio

J. Timothy Hunt/Dr. Owens Wiwa- The Politics of Bones
Chris Goldstein, 29:55

PART ONE- Dr. Owens Wiwa documented Petroleum Based injuries and deaths among the local population...and now lives in exile in Canada.

Active Voice Radio is a weekly 30-minute program aired on KSFR 90.7FM Santa Fe Public Radio. Featuring interviews, commentary and World Technology Update. This week:PART ONE of our interview with J. Timothy Hunt, the author of the new book "The Politics of Bones." In PART ONE, we explore the impact large oil companies are having in the Niger Delta though the story of Dr Owens Wiwa, the brother of one of Africa's most celebrated environmental activists Ken Wiwa. Owens was a "country doctor" in Nigeria until his brother was killed. This risk to himself and his family was so great they now live in Canada. Owens' story of documenting Petroleum Based injuries and deaths among the local population and his eventual flight from his home country are striking. The Politics of Bones gives us a rare insight into the African side of a global problem. Also our regular segment- WORLD TECHNOLOGY UPDATE with Mike Mossey.